Dungeons & Dragons
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Optimized for Youth Players
It's Not Just A Game To Us
Dungeon Masters
       Our goal is to eventually have all youth DMs.  With this in mind, we train youth in our DM class, help them practice, and provide them with all the supplies they need to succeed. 

       Until such time that all the DMs are youth, we vet our adult DMs for play style and their content for appropriateness
Briar Guard Heroes
        We encourage parents/guardians to play with their children to foster healthy communication, problem solving, and strengthen their relationships.  
            Designed with the goal of fostering positive interactions both in their PCs (Player Characters) and in real life, we focus on Heroes both at the table and in real life. 
We started small
         We started with a small Group and 2 tables.  Within a Year we have had over 100 different participants.  With this growth we have learned so much.  
           We will be taking a hiatus to allow us to build the program to handle the extreme demand. We are looking for folks with the skills and desire to help the program grow.  
Until further notice - There are no Events Scheduled.  

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